what do u do,

if the only person who can stops u from crying is the one who makes u cry?


W.R.O.N.G impression

im sooooooooooooooooooo upset.

why am i always chased by karma???

why karma is such a BITCH?

why is it hurting another BITCH? *refers to me*

why a BITCH can not live happily?



they are a BITCH??? *mind my grammar n language*

oh. tell me. tell me.

old story~

-The time is right for you to open up your home — have some friends over for dinner-

im back agaiiiin.. where is my wetee? what is he doin? i dont see any post from him here.. hehe.. wetee.. c’mon!

hm.. im a bit lazy to write actually.. coz, today my mood is sooooooo.. swinging. at first, im soooo HAPPY.. but, then when i found out that someone has getting sad bcoz of what i post at my other blog.. i felt so guilty.

am i dat bad???

i dont mean to make someone ‘terasa’ ok…

really.. bcoz, i dont put a name there.

why shud u feel that way uh, girl???


what shud i do guys???

shud i delete that entry? shud i care about that girl’s feeling?


Ep. One

The irritation you have been feeling from a certain person is about to dissipate

Hi, Hallo, Hei, Sawadikap, Guten Morgan, Moshi-moshi, Qingwen…

hmm.. 14th of February.. It should be a ‘Pinky Day’ for everyone.. haha. well, not for me.. I dont really celebrate it.

Today i wanna share about my Valentine’s eve.. haha.. *cakap tak celebrate.. tp, ada lak mlm menjelang valentine.. xpe xpe.. cite je* back from work, my friend picked me up at the office.. At first i thought we wouldnt go anywhere.. But then, he asked me whether i already have my dinner or not.. then, i said.. i dont have my dinner yet. So, he took me to the nearest shopping complex and we had our dinner at A&W.. *u know, i really love A&W’s chicken.. it’s spicy.. :D* There, my eyes captured lotsa pink colors.. haha.. infact, i also wore pink cardi.. but, that’s not in the plan ok.. really.. trust me ;p

After the dinner.. i actually hope that my friend will ‘suddenly’ feels to watch a movie.. haha.. but, he didnt *aa.. kuciwa* huhu.. Didnt know where to go, he looked at his wallet then excused to go to the Game Station. About 2 minutes, he came back and asked me to play there! wow! it’s been a loooooong time i’ve stopped by to that place.. haha.. apalagik, menggila!!!

At first, i kinda ‘malu-malu’ la.. hehe.. then, found an interesting game there.. u know what it is??? it’s a puzzle game which the prize is a free tickets.. and of course, i WON the prize.. haha.. i got a keychain.. only a keychain. but, that’s fine coz it’s FUN ^_^ .. We ended up the game at basketball game.. and, again.. i WON over him!!! hahah.. my score was 20 and his only 18.. 😉

Syok aaaa.. i really enjoyed it. thx to him =)

-You’re resisting temptation, but it’s time for you to learn how to live with it-